My date with THE IRON MAN

I must say I had the most amazing date last night. It was a outstanding evening.

Last night I had the privilege to date Iron man, who was so nice and acted like a real superhero. I am invited to a date on a Saturday evening including a movie and a cuddle from a SUPERHERO, now you must say it’s can’t get better than that but it did…

I was required to be pretty and to wear a dress, so I summoned up all my motivation and began my  prettying up resulting in this :


Make up, hair and A DRESS, one of my friends said :


So yea it was an amazing evening, I arrived on time to be a proper lady without making my little man wait for me. He looked at me, once and took a second glance and said he can’t even recognize me ( I have been his nanny for almost two months now) but it was so cute of him, he said to me : ” Dezy you are so pretty tonight ! ”  I must admit I was blooming last night.

So yea we had dinner, then we watched “The Robots ” and had popcorn, then I was allowed to see the secret garage for his supercars and to even get to hold few.

I was spoiled rotten by the end of the night before we put him to bed we read … “A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood. A fox saw the mouse, and the mouse looked good ” you guested it The Gruffalo.

And as a treat he read to me the last two pages … bless him !!

I had the most amazing date ever, thank you my little man for the lovely evening !!

Yes being a nanny gives you many perks but dating a superhero is a super perk



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